Disengaging ourselves from the collected memory and intelligence helps us to enhance our efficiency levels by almost 100%.

Here is how we can achieve this….

Please note the disclaimer is not to shy away from the daily activities that we conduct to reach towards our short-term or long-term goals. These daily chores do require the memory bank and intelligence of the mind,body and soul to discern or distinguish differences between matter and activities for basic survival. But remaining engaged and attached to the process of activity does not give us the higher picture or the correct reality. A perfect example could be of our own planet, ‘Earth’.

By staying on the planet, we kept telling ourselves that our planet is flat but the moment we detached ourselves from the planet and saw it from a distance, we found out for sure that our planet is round and is not only revolving but spinning at some speed.

The Eastern Wisdom Tradition talks about 16 different types of intelligence, which can be broadly divided into four major sections.

The first one being ‘BUDDHI’

Buddhi is a rudimentary form of intelligence, which is a must for survival. It is either a sharp or blunt knife, which dissects everything to reach to conclusions. But at times to understand someone you cannot dissect him, instead you need to be in an inclusive mode,to know him better.

The second is ‘AHANKAR’ –

Ahankar means the way one identifies himself with the world. The moment one has a fixed identity about him, he invariably uses his Buddhi according to what he identifies himself with.

That is precisely why in Vedic Tradition before imparting knowledge, they make you understand that you are the Cosmic Self and you should identify yourself as the Cosmos and not some small minuscule form of the universe. So the first preaching before undergoing training is ‘Aham Bhramasmi’ – YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE !!!

The third is ‘MANAS’

Manas is heaps and heaps of memory which is further classified as-

a) Elementary

b) Atomic

c) Evolutionary

d) Genetic

e) Karmic

f) Articulate

g) Inarticulate

h) Conscious

We conduct ourselves with the back-up of these different memory banks, which are part of us from the time we were AMOEBAS.

The fourth is ‘CHITTA’.

This is the finest form of the memory classification and is called True Intelligence.

This is an intelligence, which completely dis-engages us from the knowing which are embedded into us. Grossly at times, we mix it up with hallucination as this form of intelligence gives us an out of body experience.

One cannot touch this dimension constantly but one should have the higher conscious awareness to be in that zone whenever he wants.

Understanding of this level would allow us to have a paradigm shift, in the way we look at things to achieve our soft goals. Nothing would seem impossible and we surely would find unique ways and processes to achieve the unthought-of.

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