Phonomax Intercom System is designed using Surface Mount Technology components eliminating bulk old component blocks and transformers resulting to a more reliable and compact product. More stress is given on protection for each card as well on extension circuits, which enhances life of the product drastically. The line cards are equipped with Subscriber line interface Circuit (SLIC)based, which gives better sound clarity without any crosstalk and gives better life to Telephone Instruments attached to it as the SLIC’s complies norms for telephone interface. The SLIC are more stable and well protected.

Communication Features

Apart from standard telephonic communication features several other programmable feature are provided to fulfill the requirements of today. The extensions can be grouped for Security, Committee members and flat owner extensions to access different facilities of the system.

The flexible numbering gives flexibility to configure the extension number from 1 to 6 digit to accommodate requirements of housing complexes of several building having more than one wing, where 1st floor flat can have 3digit number and 10th floor flat can have 4 digit number. The System is equipped with caller ID for all extensions for identification of telephone number of incoming calls, Conference of eight extensions can be done with simplicity and good audio quality for communication. Do not disturb call privacy and allowed/Denied list can be set by all individual extensions to avoid nuisance and malicious calls.

Security & Voice Features

Intercom System is equipped with diverse security features for complete security of resident. Panic Hooter can be attached to security display and on pressing programmable soft-code; security can be alerted and it can be accompanied with alert call with message announcing flat number to programmed extensions. Eight simultaneous panic situations can be queued up. Visiting desired flat can be confirmed with ease, leading to avoidance of eavesdropping of visitor to other premises.

Society Message Broadcasting or announcing is part of the system to convey important society affairs to all society members. All extensions last ten Received, Dialed, and Missed call log without repetition is maintained by the system and can be retrieved as and when desired by the user with voice prompts. Call Log is useful to get information of malicious calls or misuse of Intercom System. Vender call message can be delivered to registered extensions and very useful to avoid annoying noise of venders as well to curb free roaming of venders within premises. Voice massage can be delivered on reminder calls and flat lock status can be announced for locked or unused extensions to avoid ambiguity.

Display Features

Security extensions usage can be enhance when used with optional Security Display. Attractive aesthetic housing comprises with large Numeric Display and Buzzer, optimises use of the system for various features and can go along with any decor of lobby of the society. Flat owners need not have to keep on dialing busy security extension, as security display will show flat extension number with alert along with Received and Dialed calls of security extension. A panic Hooter can be connected to display and is activated on panic along with extension number on Display.

The Intercom System comes with Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) to work with 90V to 260V AC and with battery charger for 12V single battery backup. The Intercom System can Easily be integrated with any CCTV / Door phone and Security Camera for communication and enhanced security requirement.