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Entertainment & Climate

Automated controls for your entertainment centres address simplicity and convenience in the delivery of entertainment content. The universal remote controls the entertainment activity by emitting multiple commands with the press of a single button. A consistent operational interface is provided when the same universal remote is deployed in multiple entertainment centres. These systems are enhanced when the universal remote provides connectivity to your home computing resources to retrieve media (e.g. digital photos and music) to play on the entertainment display.


Home Automation Saves lots of energy by controlling our regular appliances by turning them off if are used unnecessary or lower their power if not needed. Automated water level controllers also save waters as well as energy by automatically turning on off the motor pumps according to the over head tank level. Solar products are also worldwide recognized as energy saving products which are also now being used in Home Automation for various purposes.


Lighting controls also provide convenience, comfort, and efficiency by controlling when interior/exterior lights are turned on and the brightness level. Lighting scenes are merely the combination on/off and brightness level settings for multiple lights in the home to achieve a desired environment for a given situation or occasion. Once a lighting scene is defined, it can be invoked by time of day, motion or contact sensing, or the push of a single button at a convenient place in the home.


Security and alarm systems normally address most of the safety issues in the home environment. However, adequate lighting at night can prevent unwanted accidents such as falling down the stairs or add to the burglary deterrent by flashing exterior lights when motion is detected. Convenience improves when security sensors can also be used to trigger climate and lighting scenes when the alarm system is disarmed.

Shruti Telecom has also involved itself in an entirely introduced new concept of Home Automation System which is mainly based on a patented digital bus, the two-wire Dupline and controls and monitors applications which mainly focus on lighting, heating, roller blinds, air-conditioning, and alarms as well. These systems are delivered in the market with a help of our Home Automation System Dealers in Mumbai whose features are listed as follows:

  • Easy handling and simple programming
  • Simplified wiring
  • Extremely flexible
  • Cost-effective
  • Enliergy efficiency

These products which we delivered with a help of our Home Automation System Dealers in Mumbai also allow considerable savings mainly in energy consumption which also leads to increasing the comfort as well as safety. Operation, service, as well as maintenance, are widely simplified along with complete status overview anytime and anywhere. On the contrary, the most noticeable thing about the firm is that its Home Automation System Dealers in Mumbai work inconsistent close coordination with the people for more betterment in the performance.

Furthermore, the services of our Home Automation System Dealers in Mumbai can also be interfaced to any building automation system via BACnet/IP. This is because we completely comprehend the fact that the Home Security System is the basic need for all of us. Such cost-effective services of the Home Automation System Dealers in Mumbai are widely placed as the hardware in an asset to deliver a fully secure environment. The hardware accessories mainly consist of the door locks, alarm systems and lightning which are most commonly installed in almost all the households. Hence, we the Home Automation System Dealers in Mumbai are one of the eminent service providers for Home Security System.